10 Minutes Per Inch Of Thickness…

4 07 2009

Generally, when cooking fish, the best rule of thumb is to cook it 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Good quality, fresh ocean fish can be cooked a little rare if desired. Fresh water and anadromous fish, fish that travel in both ocean and fresh water (salmon, trout, sturgeon…,) need to be cooked throughout because of the presence of parasites. But 10 minutes of cook time per inch of the fish’s thickness generally cooks it perfectly. I cooked some wild salmon last night. Here is what I did…IMG_0683

I cut a pocket in the flesh on top of the fillet so I could stuff it. Then I stuffed the fillet with red pepper hummus and some fresh dill from my garden. Then I Sauteed the stuffed fillet in olive oil for about 7 minutes skin side down. I then finished cooking the salmon in the broiler for about 5 or 6 more minutes. After it was done cooking, I squeezed fresh lemon juice on it and served with some cracked pepper and sea salt. It was fucking delicious.