Texas Fisherman Catches Fish With Human-Like Teeth

3 07 2009

A texas Fisherman caught a 20-pound fish on Buffalo Springs Lake with surprisingly human-like teeth. The fish has yet to be identified by scientists.


1000 Year Old Fishing Grounds Found On Google Earth

17 06 2009

The V-shaped rock formation below, discovered off the British coast, was constructed to trap fish as the tide flowed out. This is ingenious and possibly more effective than any fishing method we use today. And no fuel is burned with a boat. (We spend nearly $100,000 a year on diesel fuel fishing on my boat.) 


Exxon Ordered To Pay Interest On Damage

17 06 2009

exxon-mobil_LogoYesterday, Exxon Mobile was ordered to pay interest on damage from their devastating 1989 oil spill in Prince William Sound in Alaska. Having fished salmon in Valdez, Ak, I can attest first hand to the damages there. The last time I was in that area was in 2007, almost 20 years after the spill. Amazingly, you can still see a sheen of oil in the water. Many fisherman lost a large portion of their income by being unable to fish in that area, as well as the unimaginable amount of destruction to the habitat and animals. Below is a picture I snapped in 2006, while salmon fishing in beautiful Valdez.


Stupid Peta Tricks

16 06 2009

desktop_sea_kittens_petaPeta’s (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) launched a new campaign to label fish as “sea Kittens” to dissuade people from eating them. This is more asinine than any of their other campaigns. Including their George Clooney-flavored tofu. I would like to see “sea kittens” on a menu.