I started this website to provide information and facts about fish and seafood. I am a commercial fisherman in Alaska and have been fishing there since 2003. I have fished salmon, halibut, cod, king crab and opelio crab. I filleted and sold high quality seafood to individuals and upscale restaurants for five years. I have taught seafood cooking and sushi classes, and owned and operated a catering company specializing in seafood. I have read many books and articles about seafood health and nutrition and consume all the information about fishing, seafood and fish that I can manage. Currently, I work for The Heavy Table.I am by no means an expert, because there is just so much more information and knowledge to learn. Thanks for reading. Feel free to contact me with, any interesting fish/seafood content, questions or recipes at crabfisher@gmail.com.



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29 06 2009
Deanna Shulman

hey kevin- your blog is great and i find your presentation of seafood knowledge delightful. if you ever visit los angeles, i would be very happy to share a meal with you. Have a nice day
dee dee

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