Swimming Scallops!

8 07 2009

Yes, scallops are delicious, but did you know they can swim by “clapping” their shell together? This video is pretty awesome…

There are many ways to buy scallops. Bay scallops are small- great for soups, stews, paella, etc. Sea scallops are larger, richer and generally more flavorful, however bay scallops are considered the “best” by most insiders. I disagree. Unlike other bivalves, only the muscle of the scallop is availble commercially in the United States. Scallops are either trawled, which is considered “unsustainable,” or they are “diver caught” meaning a diver literally picks them up from the sea floor. The latter method is better for the ocean environment. The best packing method to look for is “dry packed.” This means the scallops are packed without water and preservatives. The water adds weight to the scallops which make them weigh more, which obviously ends up costing you more. So look for diver caught, dry packed scallops. They are hard to find outside of the east coast, but worth it if you can hunt them down. scallop8