Stupid Peta Tricks

16 06 2009

desktop_sea_kittens_petaPeta’s (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) launched a new campaign to label fish as “sea Kittens” to dissuade people from eating them. This is more asinine than any of their other campaigns. Including their George Clooney-flavored tofu. I would like to see “sea kittens” on a menu.





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24 07 2009

I had some jackass do the “leaky pen” thing on a borrowed coat I wore to my Grandfather’s funeral. It was a nice warm suede, the funeral was in January in New Jersey and did not have anything suitable since I flew up from FL.

When I went to pick up the coat to go to the graveyard, there was a nice big splotch of black ink on the shoulder.

I would like to know who the sick fuck was that felt it necessary to do such a thing! IT WAS A FUNERAL!!! Definitely not the appropriate time to make a political statement, if they thought it was just fine, I will put their cat or dog on my BBQ just to make a point… and serve it to their kids!

I now buy TWICE the meat I used to, all of it and it is just so tasty and juicy especially when marinated in it’s own blood.

Any chance I get I will kill my own meat and involve my daughter in every aspect so she can see how to make her own food. She loves it all, especially since it “sticks it in their face” for desecrating her great Grandfather’s funeral.

She just smiles with every bite and says “PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals”.

Well PETA, your effort backfired!

25 07 2009

best comment ever? ^

27 07 2009
Mad Bluebird


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